Cabinet of Curiosities


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Are you looking for a particular object but do not know where to find it, or do you have no time to search? I’m a professional finder and would love to do this for you. Lean back and enjoy a surprise.


The Cabinet of Curiosities loves all animals. By now, it has gathered a veritable zoo. From rhinoceros to armadillo to warthog, from flamingo to parrot and dormouse: animals can be found in every nook of the Cabinet. Because we truly love animals, all our animal skulls are exceptionally well-made replicas. They are cast lifelike from synthetic resin or made from porcelain, metal, wood, or stone. Birds are among the Cabinet's favourite animals, but unfortunately only a few of them are for sale. As a consolation, you can buy a twitter box and listen to birds chirping the day away.


We respect all religions, provided that they are open to other ways of thinking about existence.