Cabinet of Curiosities


Everything from massive crystal pendants and antique rosaries to memento mori necklaces, finger rings for bikers, leather wristbands, protective amulets, and lucky charms: You will find all kinds of extraordinary jewellery. Many of the items are unique creations.

Heavy Crystal

This is for wearers with courage and backbone. The large set crystals hanging from thick cords are just the right jewellery for extraordinary individuals.

Finger Rings

Extraordinary animal-themed finger rings as well as skull rings made from metal or bone are waiting to be discovered by inspired wearers.


Kathrin Wagner’s hand-felted necklaces are legendary. The Cabinet of Curiosities is fortunate enough to be able to offer you a selection.


They may have been carved from stone and be hundreds of years old, some are made from leather, others are filigreed with tiny semiprecious stones: bracelets from the Cabinet can adorn strong and sturdy arms as well as delicate and graceful wrists.

Skull Jewellery

Those who like to flaunt their macabre streak will find a range of necklaces with little carved skulls or brooches made with replicas of bird skulls.

Lucky Charms / Talismans / Power Objects

Lucky charms have many aspects: large ones can double as wall hangings, while the smaller ones, carved from jade, make alluring pendants.


You will find antique rosaries made of delicately carved beads as well as coarsely cut ones, worn by monks over a long period of time. They are infused with the positive energy of thousands of prayers.