Cabinet of Curiosities


We should all wear a crown of glory.” This is why the Cabinet of Curiosities features crowns from various cultures. You will find rare and precious wedding crowns from Sumatra, alongside dance-crowns from China, Bali, and Thailand.
The royal crowns of the Yoruba, embroidered with thousands of beads, testify to the skills of their artisans. Interestingly, these crowns were intended mainly for the protection of the people, since anyone who gazed at the king’s face or touched his body was doomed to die.
The Juju hats, on the other hand, tell a more light-hearted story. These were feathered crowns worn by royal dancers of the Bamileke tribes during tribal ceremonies. Today, they make beautiful wall hangings for contemporary homes.
Finally, you will also see a few modern crowns from the Chinese opera. They bear out the vast variety and richness of colours that abound on the Chinese stage.