Cabinet of Curiosities

Design and Decor

Bamileke Bead Heads

The extraordinarily decorative Bamileke bead heads from Cameroon with their diverse hairstyles are a colourful and playful eye-catcher for any home. Thousands of beads cover the clay heads and bear witness to their royal origin. They are most effective when staged as a group.


Stools and neckrests from different African countries invite you to linger. In addition, they can be used as decorative supports for works of art.


For years, Piero Fornasetti’s world has held a particular fascination for me. The mischievous humour that manifests itself in his designs and the skilful graphic execution of his motifs have led me to integrate plates and cushions from his collection into the Cabinet of Curiosities.

Minerals und Fossils

These ancient formations adorn our homes, give us strength, and purify the atmosphere. At the Cabinet of Curiosities, you’ll find an unusual selection of ornamental and energizing minerals.

Globes de Mariée

The “Globes de Mariée” are objects that were manufactured in France for a short period of time (early to mid-19th c.). They were presented to couples as wedding gifts, enclosing special items relating to the history of the couple and the couple’s families. Globes would typically be displayed in salons. The Cabinet of Curiosities holds a few of these rare works of art. Each of them is a unique token of perfect artistic workmanship, lovingly crafted by skilful goldsmiths and watchmakers.